FAMIS is an accounting system that responds to financial regulations applicable to educational institutions, in particular to the members of The Texas A&M University System (TAMUS).

All FAMIS programs access a common database that allows many different users to view and update identical information. FAMIS users can be given access to numerous on-line accounting functions. These functions are spread among four major FAMIS systems:

Financial Records Systems (FRS)

  • Financial Accounting – transactions relating to financial operations such as budgets, revenues, expenses, and journal entries
  • Accounts Payable – transactions relating to vendor payment including preparation of checks and files for State of Texas warrants
  • Accounts Receivable – transactions relating to billing and payment receipt for goods or services rendered
  • Purchasing – transactions relating to ordering, receipt and initiation of payment of goods and services
  • Payroll Distribution – processes relating to the distribution of payroll expenses for research projects
  • Budget Preparation – processes relating to the preparation of the annual budget to be presented to the TAMUS Board of Regents

Fixed Assets (FFX)

Sponsored Research (SPR)

Annual Financial Reporting (AFR)